What we try to keep away from with fasting or an extreme detox diet is exactly what we need to detox the best: food.

Beveroni, centrifuges, fasting. More and more often we hear about detox diets but does this trend really make sense?

These are sometimes extreme procedures such as prolonged fasting which, according to supporters, should lead to miraculous purifying effects for the body and soul.

Some of these practices are frankly dangerous, others are simply useless and counterproductive. But let’s try to understand why.

In the collective imagination, toxins come from the outside and attack us like enemies. The reality is that the toxic load to which we are exposed derives partly from the outside and partly from our own metabolism which produces substances that must be eliminated. Abstaining from food therefore does not reduce the production of toxins to zero.

Indeed. The organ in charge of cleaning our body, the liver, is in fact voracious and requires a continuous supply of nutrients to function well. In particular vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids are essential for the proper functioning of the liver.

Basically what we try to keep away from with fasting or an extreme detox diet is exactly what we need to detoxify best: food .

The correct foods are not our enemies but on the contrary the first allies to eliminate toxins from our body.

So the real problem is not so much whether or not to go on a “detox” diet but how to avoid that “pro-tox” diet that most people continue to practice.

In short, we should not focus on specific and momentary strategies to eliminate toxins but rather on a lifestyle and nutrition that minimizes accumulation in general and that favors detoxification permanently.

Avoiding smoking, alcohol abuse, eating wholesome foods including many vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grains and healthy fats is the best way to ensure solid liver function and therefore the delicate mechanisms of neutralization of toxins .

There is a tendency in many people to fall into the trap of solutions that appear simpler, perhaps linear, but not real and scientifically sensible.

Here then is the spread of slimming diets, zero-fatigue workouts, miraculous supplements, detoxification programs of all kinds and kinds, alternative treatments for all sorts of diseases, promoted on the net as panaceas.

Reality and scientific data teach us that instead the correct way to follow to live well is to start from our lifestyle, from our daily habits, relying not so much on the guru on duty, but on the knowledge of ourselves , our mistakes and our limitations. This is where we need to start. And if there are serious symptoms and illnesses, let’s go to your doctor.

As you have learned from this article, it is extremely important to know how to deal with nutrition in scientific way to make sure you really reach the goal in a healthy way.

“Potential Nutrition” is the scientific course that allows you to learn all these concepts and create your plan food in a really way healthy.

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