During a long night of fasting for several hours, it is normal for our body to feel “hungry” upon waking up and need to be replenished with the nutrients it needs. On the other hand, skipping breakfast is associated with a greater risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

For this reason, breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. It is at breakfast that the body is metabolically prepared to feed itself and repair itself thanks to the foods we provide it.

We must therefore take the opportunity of breakfast to provide the body with an adequate intake of calories and nutrients and not just sugars as happens in the typical “Italian breakfast” with cappuccino and brioche.

Example of a healthy and balanced breakfast

The ideal breakfast should be complete and provide the right amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other substances such as vitamins and fiber. So let’s see how to prepare breakfast in the right way with 5 examples:

1. Carbohydrates and fiber for breakfast


  • 60-70 grams of wholemeal oat flakes with rice drink
  • 30 grams of whey protein isolate
  • 2 nuts, coffee or tea
  • 1 fruit

It is the ideal breakfast for those who are not used to eating early in the morning. Carbohydrates and fibers are provided by oats and rice drink, there is also the protein part with whey proteins and we find the vitamins and antioxidants of the fruit and nuts which in the more they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Breakfast with ricotta and walnuts


  • 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread with ricotta
  • 2 walnuts
  • coffee or tea
  • 1 fruit

In this example of a dry and light breakfast, proteins are provided by ricotta, while wholemeal bread provides carbohydrates and fiber and in the fruit we find vitamins, antioxidants and soluble fiber.

It’s an ideal breakfast for people not used to eating when they wake up.

3. Hard-boiled eggs and wholemeal bread


  • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 slice of wholemeal bread
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 fruit

Eggs are an excellent breakfast food for their high protein content and the presence of the precious vitamin K2.

In this type of breakfast, the carbohydrates part is covered by wholemeal bread and fruit where we also find antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, plus there are monounsaturated fats in the oil.

A very suitable breakfast for those with metabolic problems such as the diabetic subject as it does not alter blood sugar levels.

4. Smoked salmon or tuna


  • 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread
  • 2 slices of smoked salmon or canned tuna (natural or in well-drained or rinsed extra virgin olive oil)
  • avocado spread on bread
  • 1 fruit, coffee or tea

It is a very different breakfast to the “sweet” one we are used to.

Oily fish provides protein and omega-3s.

Monounsaturated fatty acids are present in avocado and oil, wholemeal bread provides carbohydrates and fiber, while the fruit adds vitamins, antioxidants and an additional dose of fiber.

Also in this case it is a protein breakfast with a modest impact on blood sugar.

5. Breakfast with yogurt, walnuts and almonds.


  • Natural organic yogurt
  • Walnuts and almonds
  • Whole oats
  • 1 fruit

A more “traditional” breakfast thanks to the presence of a milk derivative such as yogurt which provides a good supply of protein but which is more accepted by those who do not like eggs or fish.

Breakfast is completed with the carbohydrates and fibers of whole oats, with the antioxidants of dried fruit and the vitamins of the fruit.

Better sweet breakfast or savory breakfast?

One of the typical questions people ask themselves is whether a sweet or savory breakfast is better.

Let’s say that the terminology is not the best and we could say in a more technical way that the choice is between a breakfast rich in sugar or one with proteins and carbohydrate sources that have a less violent impact on blood sugar such as whole grains or fruit.

Put on this level it is evident that the sugary breakfast is to be avoided as it destabilizes the blood sugar and consequently the production of insulin which, in the long run, causes a series of damage in our body.

It must also be said that a breakfast with an adequate protein intake becomes even essential for those who play sports and for those who perform heavy work. This is also in relation to the greater sense of satiety that is obtained by consuming proteins compared to simple sugars.

Choosing a nutritious breakfast every day is one of the cornerstones for your health.

To live well and for a long time this is not enough, you need to integrate nutrition and training.

If you want, watch the free video lesson ” The timing of nutrition ” dedicated to how and when to eat to get the widest benefits.

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